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Who we are

We are a Software Engineering and Data Science Consultancy based in Sydney, Australia. We specialise in full-stack development of API-based platforms and are pros at creating slick tools for management, exploration and analysis of large visual datasets.

  • Full stack development of online API platforms from backend through to UX & UI.
  • Relational database systems, ORMs and database optimisation.
  • We work in a variety of different programming languages and frameworks (Matlab, C, Java, ASP, SQL, Javascript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Python, Django, Flask, SQLAlchemy, etc...)
  • Applied machine learning: supervised classification, unsupervised clustering, active learning & feature selection.
  • Design and development of stereo image systems including image processing, calibration and optics.
  • Hands-on design and development of Mechatronic systems, including programming micro-controllers, working with a variety of sensors, motor controllers and stereo camera systems.
  • We work with you to transform non-technical requirements into functional specs.

" We transform data into insights through clean user interfaces, flexible APIs and thoughtful UX design. "

What we do

  • Web API Development

    Full stack development of APIs from backend through to UX & UI.

  • Applied machine learning

    Supervised classification, unsupervised clustering & active learning.

  • UX & UI Design

    Improving workflows and interfaces to maximise utility, intuitively.

  • Database Design

    Relational database systems, ORMs and database optimisation.

  • Mechatronics / Robotics

    Micro-controllers, embeded systems, sensors, perception and control.

  • Imaging Systems

    Stereo & SFM 3D image processing, calibration and optics.


Checkout some of our projects...

API Platforms
UI/UX Development
Machine Learning
Management, exploration & annotation of georeferenced images and videos, online.
The Maptracker
Multi-robot tracking and control in a web-browser.
Managing BRUVs data.
In-field solution for realtime data logging
Pipeline for local video annotation workflow
Tools for viewing georeferenced large-scale mosaics

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Based in: Rose Bay, Sydney, Australia